Host Timber in Australia, NZ, Canada, and the UK

Please use this form to contact Timber Hawkeye's publicist if you are the owner or event coordinator of a yoga studio, bookstore, library, or other public space willing to host Timber for a free book talk, discussion, and Q&A at some point between March and June of 2023. Please provide as much information as possible below, and we will reach out to you to finalize a date and time for the event.

The discussion circles that Timber facilitates at various venues are community-building events, bringing people together to talk about mindfulness, while also raising awareness about your space and all the services you offer for people who may have not heard of it before. 

Timber does not charge a speaking fee, the events are always free, unticketed, and everyone is welcome. They are first-come-first-seated circle discussions, typically 90-minutes long. He does not need or use a podium, overhead projector, or anything fancy; just to sit in the circle with everyone else. At the end of the discussion, some people want to get their books signed, so a small table in the corner would be helpful, but that's about it. The Bookstore Edition of the new book meets bookshop requirements 9781946005892, or he can supply an alternative edition while there.

If you are interested, we will initially put a pin on the map to indicate it's a pending stop on the tour, and in a few weeks, we will reach back out to iron out the details.